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Although we’ve got a lot of awesome items online and our store is forever-expanding, TG Pro Shop is actually not a huge company. It is owned and operated by some of the TG Coaches. TG Pro Shop’s online store is a second job for us, with coaching always being #1! Because of this, we ask you to please keep in mind that we may be in practice, competition, and/or choreography¬†if it takes us a day or two to answer.

We take pride in all that we do and will continue to serve all of our TG customers the best that we can!


Should you have any questions,
please e-mail:
or contact Jose Gonzalez (Director of Top Gun Pro Shop)
via e-mail at:

*Depending on time of season and practice schedules, please allow up to 48 hours to have your questions answered. We thank you for your patience.


Top Gun Pro Shop – Phone: (305) 848-4869

PLEASE DO NOT contact the gym for questions in regards to the Top Gun Pro Shop.